What kind of sandals should I choose this summer?

Τι σανδάλι να διαλέξω αυτό το καλοκαίρι; | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

One of the many advantages of summer is that we have the ability to wear open toe shoes and sandals, creating ideal looks for every day. When the temperatures rise, look for the ideal summer shoe that will make your stroll through the island's alley even more magical than it is.

It's time to expand your shoe collection. Looking for a new pair of sandals? Look no further. Whether you are a fan of classic sandals, platforms or flatforms, we are certain that you will find something that you like here.

Anatomical slipper sandals

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Exploring neighborhoods on foot is definitely one of the best ways to see a place: it forces you to slow down to see the sights! All of this wandering around can damage your feet - especially if you get a little lost or find yourself in many cafes and souvenir shops (inevitable). An anatomic insole is recommended to endure many hours in an upright position, and the anatomical "Ianthi" sandal is useful there.«Ianthe». The rubber sole and outsole are designed for extended periods of use, so you can wear them in the morning instead of having to wear your sneakers all day!

The "it" Sandal

"It's a trend" this year and is the must-have sandal of the season. Made of 100% real leather, with strong adhesion on wet surfaces thanks to the EVA rubber outsole. Browse the Cycladic Islands with style and finesse, with a sandal that should not be missing in your wardrobe. Get the "Ios".


The flatform sandal

Would you like to collect a few points without the strain that comes with regular heeled sandals? Discover the anatomical flatforms! These sandals with a single reinforced sole are considered to be one of the most comfortable designs on the market thanks to the rubber outsole and the anatomical and comfortable leather sole that increases your height by almost 5 cm. Discover 'Gaia'.

Flat closed sandals

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re you meeting with your friends for a nice Apertivo or are you going to this New Restaurant in the countryside? A closed toe pair of sandals is what you need for ... Summer in the City! Combine those romantic red 'Olympia'» sandals, which have a leather jacket and naturally an authentic Greek handicraft product, with pleated shorts or a single dress!, which have a leather jacket and naturally an authentic Greek handicraft product, with pleated shorts or a single dress!

The ancient Greek "Gladiator" sandal

Ancient Greek sandals are an ideal choice for this summer that will perfectly suit your summer mood and add a more airy character to your look.

In ancient Greece, sandals were the most common type of footwear and were mainly preferred by women who lived at home, which of course has now changed. The rich wore leather while the poor wore wooden soles, but the trend was widespread!

Discover the anatomical ancient Greek sandals "Kythira" from the Emmanuela collection.

At Emmanuela.shoes you will find high quality handcrafted women's and men's sandals with incomparable style for your vacation this year!